Is 3Dsellers a good CrazyLister alternative?

CrazyLister may be a near-staple platform, and 3Dsellers may be packed with more tools and features, but can 3Dsellers really do what CrazyLister does?

Discover the similarities and differences between these platforms:
CrazyLister is commonly a first tool for many eBay sellers. It’s a great introduction to eBay seller tools and how they can help you manage and boost your eBay business. Their most common eBay features are listing management and eBay listing design templates.

3Dsellers is known as the all-in-one platform for eBay sellers. With all the eBay tools of CrazyLister, they have expanded their software to reach many other ways to help you market, manage, and automate your eBay business. Their most popular tools include eBay feedback reminders, automatic eBay emails, eBay CRM, listing design templates, and more. 

First, let’s look at the eBay features that CrazyLister offers and how they compare with 3Dsellers. Then, we’ll look at the eBay tools you gain with 3Dsellers.
CrazyLister -VS- 3Dsellers:
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Create & Edit Listings

Listing Editor

CrazyLister offers a simple form with expandable sections to edit and create eBay listings.
Screenshot of CrazyLister's eBay listing edtor.
3Dsellers offers a comprehensive tabbed layout with extra features, such as an eBay Price Calculator, track P/L with a Wholesale Price, hide real eBay inventory with a Warehouse quantity, and more.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay listings editor.

Duplicate Listings (sell similar)

Screenshot of CrazyLister's ability to duplicate listings.
To duplicate a listing on CrazyLister, you will need to select a listing and use a dedicated “Duplicate” button. You can also duplicate multiple listings with this method.
3Dsellers offers a quick duplicate listing button for every listing.

Not to mention, you can copy multiple items to your “Drafts” folder for easy edit and bulk publishing.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' bulk duplicate eBay listings feature.

Import CSV

Screenshot of 3Dsellers' import eBay CSV format.
Both platforms offer importing items via CSV with essentially the same method and format.

While CrazyLister uploads your listings to a “Catalog” to edit and publish, 3Dsellers uploads your items to a “Drafts” folder to bulk-edit and publish your listings.
Also, 3Dsellers provides a Google Sheet with a full explanation of each field and provides a “Category ID” search to make sure your CSV items are categorized correctly on eBay.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' field mapping.
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Create & Edit Individual ListingsDrafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)Bulk Edit eBay ListingsListing Design TemplatesMore tools with 3DsellersConclusion

Drafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)

Both services offer a section of their platforms for unpublished listings.

CrazyLister has a “Catalog,” developed as a stand-alone tool. Where 3Dsellers' simplified this feature into a “Drafts” folder, right next to your Active items. 
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' Copy to Drafts bulk action for eBay listings.
To copy listings to other eBay accounts with CrazyLister, you must import all of your eBay items into the catalog.

However, in 3Dsellers, you can filter and select certain items from any account and copy only those listings to your Drafts folder. The organization and speed of your workflow when copying listings is much cleaner and faster with 3Dsellers.
Quick links:
Create & Edit Individual ListingsDrafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)Bulk Edit eBay ListingsListing Design TemplatesMore tools with 3DsellersConclusion

Bulk Edit eBay Listings

CrazyLister uses their catalog to only bulk edit item specifics and uses a “find and replace” feature for descriptions.

3Dsellers allows bulk editing for prices, quantity, categories, location, business policies, SEO data, design templates, generate SKUs, & more, and can use Find & Replace to edit titles, descriptions, and Item Specifics values (and HTML code).

You can also upload a CSV to 3Dsellers and bulk-update prices and quantities.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' Bulk Action menu options for bulk editing eBay items.
Quick links:
Create & Edit Individual ListingsDrafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)Bulk Edit eBay ListingsListing Design TemplatesMore tools with 3DsellersConclusion

Listing Design Templates

Both platforms allow bulk applying template designs, as well as removing them.

However, 3Dsellers has advanced filters to find certain items to bulk-select and apply, and even offers Rules for automatically applying designs to new listings based on category and Store category.

CrazyLister offers many templates to begin your design with and includes a drag and drop template editor. The design editor is very open ended and can cause a quick mess for those who are not familiar with Photoshop-like applications (which can bring about long hours of work.)

It is also important to note that if you choose to insert cross-promoted items, you cannot control which items are displayed.
Screenshot of CrazyLister's listing design template editor.
3Dsellers has 2 different template editors. One for simple designing, and another for advanced editing (without any mess).

Templates that are not “classic” allow custom HTML anywhere in the design, making them perfect for hiring a teammate to design your listings, and allowing you to easily edit the content later.

Bonus: 3Dsellers also offers full-custom HTML templates.

Every template also allows custom cross-promotion options so you can promote the items you want to sell more of. When cross promoting items with the advanced editors, you can even set your featured listings to display items from the same eBay category, or Store category as the listing your template is applied to.

Quick links:
Create & Edit Individual ListingsDrafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)Bulk Edit eBay ListingsListing Design TemplatesMore tools with 3DsellersConclusion

More tools with 3Dsellers

In addition to the features that were not mentioned about listing management (e.g. saving filters, checking fees, pricing settings, alerts, and more), 3Dsellers offers a plethora of other tools and features that will help you expand your business and save countless hours of work.

Here's a few highlighted tools and features you get with 3Dsellers, and not CrazyLister:
To see a complete list of 3Dsellers tools, click here.

Add teammates (users, employees) - Stop giving away your login credentials and grant permissions for certain teammates to specific tools and features. 

Customer Service and Resolution Center - Transform your eBay messages and cases into manageable support tickets in a comprehensible CRM interface.

Feedback Reminder - Send automatic reminders to eBay buyers at custom times to request eBay feedback. More positive feedback increases your seller score, which increases your repor and sales. (feedback alerts and leave feedback to buyers included)

Automatic Messages - Send automated emails and eBay messages to buyers based on transaction events and personalize your messages with automatic buyer and order details. You can even cross-promote eBay items in emails. 

Offers Tool - Send bulk offers to buyer and even create automation rules to automatically accept, decline, and counter your offers from buyers. 

Warehouse Inventory - Hide your real inventory in a warehouse and show eBay and buyers any quantity you want.

Order Management - Manage orders individually or in bulk from a single tool. Advance-filter orders, mark them as shipped with tracking, message buyers, download orders, cancel order, leave feedback and more.

Shipping Tracker - Track your order shipments in real-time. Give great customer service and avoid shipping inquiry cases by sending your buyers automated messages when your carrier updates a certain shipping status (lost item, delayed shipping, delievery attempted, etc.). You can also send yourself and your team alerts for certain shipping events as well.

Report Center - Download reports of your orders and listings to keep record and analyze your earning and costs. You can even create automations to generate reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  

Automatically end GTC listings - Avoid eBay’s “automatic renewal” policiy for fixed price items and automatically end low-performing and seasonal items. Also, you can set the ended listings to automatically re-list to give your items a another sellable life.

Image Editor - Live edit your eBay product images and apply the changes to your listings in real time.

External Web Presence - Get other online sources to lead visitors back to your eBay listings. Facebook Store, Webstore, and PDF Catalog will provide more links back to your eBay listings, which will increase your search results on major search engines.

Quick links:
Create & Edit Individual ListingsDrafts / Catalog (and copy between eBay accounts)Bulk Edit eBay ListingsListing Design TemplatesMore tools with 3DsellersConclusion


CrazyLister has been a go-to platform by many eBay sellers and is held in high regards as a pioneer platform by many sellers. However, it is now being surpassed by services like 3Dsellers.

Sadly, choosing CrazyLister for your listing and design template manager would require you to subscribe to 2-3 more applications to get all the features of 3Dsellers. Sorry to say, it has been a great run, CrazyLister, but the future is 3D.

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